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Automated in a Machine Shop Career There are many different directions to go. OK, you get the point. Just a few of the parts that may present themselves in the span of a machine shop career. You can stay in manual machining, it is a dying breed and pretty soon will probably earn as much or more than a CNC programmer. The fact of the matter is this is one situation where you want to start from the ground floor. Or call us at

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I just love talking about myself. Worldwide, DATRON machining centers are employed by leading electronics manufacturers for milling aluminum enclosures in both small and larger production runs.

There are many different directions to go. Automated in a Machine Shop Career There are many different directions to go.

While all DATRON machining centers are designed for efficient milling of aluminum and are suited to machining enclosures, there are some differentiators that may help you to narrow your search.

We have a staff of product lpatop and application engineers who can help to address your specific challenges.

Milling Aluminum Enclosures | Datron High Speed CNC Milling Machines

Or call us at The M7 can be equipped with clamping and vacuum workholding. The knobs on the bureau, the lamps, the alarm clock. Build a good base and there will be nothing standing in your way. Just a few of the parts that may present themselves in the span of a machine shop career. I know, I know you get the point. Your first stop on the path to your machine shop career should be one of two places — a machine shop program at a technical college or an entry-level job in a machine shop that is willing to teach you the trade.


Milling Aluminum Enclosures

There are very few things that you can look at today that has not passed through a machine shop on some level. As usual I ramble. As soon as I graduated high school I entered an apprenticeship program which paid my alptop at the local tech college. Now, if an extremely large work area is required, as is the case for milling large enclosures or batch milling a run of smaller ones, the MLCube is a large format milling machine that is ideally suited.


The M8Cube is an ideal machine for milling aluminum enclosures. I hope that you can follow my advice and find yourself in the same position.

Can you ddatron the F18 ejector seat part, the knife handles or the swizzle stick mold? Navy, and I worked in a machine shop that made parts for commercial printers.

There are so many different machine shop career paths available to anybody willing to get their hands dirty and deal with a sliver or two. Do you have an aluminum enclosure application? Use the FORM right to initiate a conversation.

DATRON MLCube | Datron High Speed CNC Machines

The desk chair that I am sitting in right now has machined parts. My point is that no matter what your interests are you can find a shop that takes part in the finished product. Milling Machines for Aluminum Enclosures: None of the young kids want to turn handles anymore, and it really is a shame because the best programmers are the guys who never wanted to program. All of these molds require machining.

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OK, you get the point. There is so much new technology out there that you will never run out of new things to learn. No matter what path you want to take and no matter what vision you have of your machine shop career do yourself and your future coworkers a favor and start with the basics.

This is just the icing on the cake. For example, if you are milling prototypes and small production runs, the 20″ x 20″ machining area on an M7 may be sufficient. Single aluminum enclosures can be fixtured using our pneumatic clamping system while our integrated vacuum tables are often used for batch milling a number of aluminum enclosures from a single sheet of aluminum.