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Other reps don’t have problems praising their competition or taking constructive criticism. The line faders are 60mm high-end Ecler slide potentiometers. We have put together a cool video of him scratching and using the effects on the NUO. There is quite a lot of info over at www. Three band equalization with an adjustment range of dB to 10dB for bass and treble frequencies and dB to 10dB for mid frequencies. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Nice, I was waiting for this. I remember when the Denon forums used to be a decent site.

Ecler NUO 5 Professional DJ Mixer

Any videos or audio samples of the effects? Whats not so great is that it only lasted a year in the first place and the new one leaks audio.

On November 26,DaCaveDwella said this: Extra large ergonomic knobs for a better tone control. You had to know that dear ol’ “Denon” would show up if the Ecler got mixet more favorable review than the Denon and heaven forbid you mention some flaws present in the Denon.

In fact last Monday, I even got a few people to start testing it.


Here’s a praise or two said in the past that you missed. The line faders are 60mm high-end Ecler slide potentiometers.

On November 25,Jonny Thrice said this: Learn the difference between, opinion, fact and bashing. Find out more miexr.

Ecler Nuo 5 Mixer For Sale in Porterstown, Dublin from qchalwml

On November 25,wax fatal said this: Its shape adjustment allows both smooth transitions and extreme scratching thanks to the additional cut-in-time and reverse controls. On November 26,Lo said this: I am more than imxer to take criticism or corrections to any review I write, but considering I have written a full review on ecller X I didn’t really feel the need to add some of it’s high points to a review of a totally different piece of equipment.

In the meantime, check out Deft’s review here. Click here to check out more great items from this store. And I’ll add in the Nuo5 as well. I know you will just come back and continue. If the Nuo-5 had matrix inputs and proper shaping for the upfaders it would be a real monster! On November 25,Mr Kcon said this: On November 26,j beezy said this: We have put together a cool eclwr of him scratching and using the effects on the NUO.

The ‘NUO5’ is a high-end professional 5-channel DJ mixer combining the most demanding club sound requirements, the most creative studio effect tools and the most performance-proof robustness.


However your attacks directed to me are extremely unprofessional and unfounded.

User Manuals – Ecler

Gizmo tere is no sign of the latest reviews in the review column Deft, If you reviewed a totally different product, then why did you feel compelled to even mention the X not once, but three times with negative points of comparison? We Offer Part Exchange.

I apologize if my response seemed hostile, but you must understand that your past reputation mixe hasnt been well received. Yeah it struck me that I mkxer have done some audio clips after I’d sent it back!

I try to help out as much asI can online at skratchworx, djforums. On November 26,not surprised said this: X This site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience.