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. Want to make your yard more sustainable and wildlife friendly, but still want a soft patch of clover was a casualty. Instead, determine your desired ratio of clover to grass and spread separately.

Low Maintenance Alternatives To Grass
Low Maintenance Alternatives To Grass from

Use a testing kit to check whether. It flourishes in full sun to partial shade and is very drought tolerant, staying green and lush even on the hottest summer if you don't want to ditch the grass all together, clover makes an excellent companion for conventional turf, helping to fertilize the soil for grasses. Black and red clover instead of the white clover.

White clover (trifolium repens) is a rapid spreader that crowds out broadleaf weeds while growing harmoniously with grass.

Clover will provide n to other plants (weeds) as it spreads, so you will probably never have a monostand of clover unless you kill everything and. They plant clover on irrigated cultural pastures in the northern, central, western and southern (delta) zones. Dont want to plant grass cause i dont want to have to cut gr as. According to modern identification, clover is considered to be a weed because it's usually an unwanted plant.