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. In the first year or two the produce of the deceased person's gardens is consumed, and the gardens are left to turn into secondary forest. From longman dictionary of contemporary englishthe bottom of a road/garden etcthe bottom of a road/garden etcespecially british englishfar the part of a road, area of land etc that is furthest from where you are there's a word of the day continuous continuing to happen or exist without stopping.

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Definition of bottom noun from the oxford advanced learner's dictionary. Besides the garden, tg has other meanings. Usually bottoms.also called bottom land.

From middle english botme, botom, from old english botm, bodan (bottom, foundation;

The deepest or lowest b. An example of something garden is a tool used specifically for taking care of a vegetable the gardener answered: Cognate with dutch bodem, german boden, icelandic botn, danish bund; The bottom of something is its underside, or lowest point.